Sunday, August 19, 2007

Designing A Green Thumb

Landscaping and the design of outdoor spaces is just as important as designing structures and their interiors.. So, it's always a challenge finding simple solutions to introduce a bit of greenery into busy urban lives. Who doesn't enjoy a lovely garden? Well, these two products are a long way from being the perfect garden, but they provide a good start for the [good] design conscious among us.

From the UK, the self-watering WET_POT for plants (for those who travel a lot or otherwise kill their plants by watering them too
much or too little.) The manufacturer says the special glaze on the outside of the pot allows --through capillary action-- the water in the surrounding reservoir to slowly be used by the plant as needed.. Kinda like nature, I suppose... (Altho' I can see that clear reservoir getting cloudy and yucky if you don't wipe out the water stains regularly..) Pots come in 3 sizes and I think they'll ship to North America. It's cool looking just the same...

And from RephormHaus (Germany), the Steckling Balcony Flower Pot. it straddles the railing for all you urbanites who need a little green on your balcony. The "Steckling" comes in 3 colors and they even have a Trellis prototype that makes for vertical climbing greenery. At least the pots won't be swept off the balcony by a gust of wind. Sweeeet!