Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chicago has Largest Urban Solar Power Plant in the Nation

Chicago Public TV Station reports on the Nation's Largest Urban Solar Plant in the United States.

Project Details for Chicago's Urban Solar Plant:

- 32,000 PV Solar Panels used
- 10 Megawatts of power, can power about 1200 homes.
- Located on Chicago's Pullman District (neighborhood) on the Southside on an old, abandoned industrial site
- 200 Construction Jobs, 7-8 Permanent Jobs
- Sun Power Designed Plant (San Jose, CA)
- This Solar plant will be Operational later in 2010
- Land is leased by energy company Excelon from the City of Chicago (adding tax revenue to the City)

Link to Large Format video via video site (Jan 6, 2010.)

Umm, what do they do about cleaning off the snow (and dirt) ??
Is the motorized tilt enough to shed the snow fall (off of the panels) ?

(From the Chicago WTTW TV Program, Chicago Tonight, aired Jan. 5th, 2010, posted online Jan. 6th, 2010.)