Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Uber Wind Turbine

From NewConsumer.com, "UK's Hottest Ethical Lifestyle Magazine" [their words, not mine], comes an Uber Wind Turbine located in Swaffham, Norfolk. The Wind Turbine stands some 219 Feet [67 meters] tall and boasts an observation deck that is open for public access /viewing. According to Ecotricity (the turbines' operating electric company), the Turbine can power about 1000-1500 houses.

Visitors can climb the 300 steps inside the Turbine's structure to get a view of the town and see the MASSIVE 3-ton, 30 meter long Blade span up close. (30 meters ?? Holy Cow!) The Turbine was made in Germany in 1999. Ecotricity has plans to roll out at least 6 more Turbines throughout the UK. Get a load of the hum made by 9 tons of blades spinning by !

You'll need Flip4MVW or Flash to view the movie, or go to
Green.tv who also has posted clips (in various video formats) of this report.

Home owners should note, space allowing, smaller scaled Wind Turbines can be utilized to help power a single family home. Wind Turbines are a good alternative power source (when solar panels are not feasible.) I'll have more info on Wind Power in coming posts-- including info on a Chicago based Wind Turbine company that is making headlines with their innovative technology.

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