Thursday, May 03, 2007

Designed to Love

Sometimes the great abundance of bad design and poor taste can give fans of [good] design the blues. With the pedestrian lakefront housing designs proposed for the Chicago 2016 Olympics, it's easy make the case that poor taste will never go out of style. Then one day, you flip a magazine page and stumble on a beauty -- relieved that some structure or item other than the local Starbucks is NOT the best designed thing in your city or neighborhood. (OK, that might be overstating things, but the beauty of blogging is being bombastic.)

So, from the "Designs I Love" files, I'll be introducing (or jumping on the bandwagon) in presenting some items for creative consideration.

Let's start with the Pedro and Ines Footbridge (November 2006, Rio Mondego) in Coimbra, Portugal. A collaborative design by Cecil Balmond and Antonio Adao da Fonseca. (Thanks to Hugo for the pics.. Check out his site at Flicker.)


H. Cardoso said...

Hey! I'm honoured you used my photo of this beautiful brigde (the first one). I don't mind at all, much on the contrary, but I'd ask you to please add a link to the Flickr page:

Cheers. Hugo

Shanty Minister said...

H.C. now your link is posted.. :-) Thanks for the pic & thanks for stopping by!