Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Angry white Man Rips Rosa Parks Poster from Woman at Town Hall

From the YouTube Site: BluePearOnline -

Mainstream media kept running image of a Black Woman being hauled out of Sen. Claire McCaskills' Town Hoall meeting 8/11/09.

But what the media NEVER reported is that the Black woman was sitting quietly in her seat, when a white man walked over and snatched her poster, ripped it to shreds and that is what provoked the commotion.  The white man was charged with assault but the woman was portrayed in the Media as the hooligan.

HATE. Is this the legacy you want to promote (by not getting involved in civic issues?)

The largely white audience assumes the Black woman is a protester who started the commotion.

The video tells a very different story.

source: and [YouTube user:]  BluePearOnline 


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jackie said...

Interesting this video cuts off before the speaker can explain to everyone, what's happening here.
What happened was a racist assaulted a black woman. And white racist cops, escorted the black woman out so as to save face for the white violent racist.
Rosa Parks! Goddess bless her soul. She dared to sit down, instead of cower to hate and separation that would deem her, by law, to be a lesser American!
Why is it when hate takes root, it always thinks making it "legal" makes it right!?